Browsers’ War

Why worry about love if there’s FOOD and INTERNET?

When Food is life but INTERNET is Lifer.

With Internet you can watch your favorite Korean Drama and of course you can visit your social media accounts.

Why worry about your lifeless love life, or your pa “fall” a crush if there’s INTERNET?

Just like Confucius said “Life is simple, People just complicate it.”

And, INTERNET makes life a lot easier.

But wait…

Do you know the True Story of Internet: The Browsers’ War?

Let’s have a quick grasp about it.

Let us first define the Browsers War, it is a story of a genius battle between America’s mightiest corporations like Microsoft and Netscape and a small group of “computer geeks” who created a revolutionary technology.

In the early 1990’s the Internet was an obscure research network.

The first browser was Mosaic co-created by Marc Andreessen together with Jim Clark. Mosaic was developed at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications

In 1993 Microsoft Windows runs about 90% of the world’s computers.

In 1994 Netscape launched its web browser Navigator. After 30 days almost 90% of people switch from Mosaic to Navigator.

In 1995 Microsoft created its own, Internet Explorer.

By September 1997 the browser wars were over and Microsoft had won.

Internet commerce emerge because the government allowed businesses to conduct business online in 1994, which brought on the rush of the internet. So those people who were lucky to be a part of it, became wealthy beyond imagination.

Look at Bill Gates, one of the richest and wealthiest persons in the world. He did his thing and succeeded immensely. Like Google they virtually rule the internet. Microsoft rules the OS market.

The document was really great it shows detail and was easy to understand, its definitely worth watching, it shows the internet, the how and why it was created and to what it has become today.



A Messi Love

Do you like Messi?

No, because

I Messi you

I Need you

I Love You

(Jo ah yo Oppa)

The Legend

I am Jesabel

I am a Mermaid

Does anyone knows Heo Joon Jae?

I need to find him

He is a thief

He stole not only my bracelet

But also my HEART

Eternal Love

It’s a beautiful feeling

What we’ve got deep inside

We got a flame that will last forever

Together You and I.


The Evolution

A Goblin

A Grim Reaper

A Vampire

A King

A Soldier

A Night Courier

A Con-Artist

A Swimmer

Now, Do you believe pretty men evolve?

(PS: Don’t think too much if you’re not a Kdrama addict)

Choice of Life

A Mermaid’s kiss? or

A Grim Reaper’s kiss?

The memories you want to forget or

The memories you want to remember

The choice is yours.

The Power of Love


What is Life?

What is love?

What is Life without Love?

A Love so sweet yet so Powerful.

So Powerful enough which can be so dangerous.

So Dangerous enough to make you unconscious.

Unconscious enough not to know you’ll already inlove.